The UA Studio Jazz Ensemble (aka Jazz A) was founded by Tom Ervin in 1972.  Jeff Haskell began conducting the ensemble regularly in 1977.  In its ranks have sat some of the finest young musicians in Southern Arizona.  The players' names read like a "who's who" and so does the list of soloists who have starred with the band over the years.  The quality has always been high.  In the 1980's, the band was hired to tour with Dizzy Gillespie, a tour that exposed to the students the great teaching expertise that Dizzy had at his command.  Since then, the band has backed up some of the most high-profile and legendary jazz artists of our time including Terell Stafford, Joe Lovano, Warren Wolf, Brian Lynch, Chris Potter, Michael Davis, Troy Roberts and many more.  Most recently, they undertook their second (this time month-long and all expenses paid) successful tour throughout China under the direction of Moises Paiewonsky.  Due to this and several other international trips and initiatives which the group has undertaken over the last 10 years, the UA Studio Jazz Mexico to perform at the Onate Jazz Festival, and in recent years, the group has performed in the Tucson Jazz Festival with various guest artists (Terell Stafford and Warren Wolf).  Angelo Versace, Director of Jazz Studies, currently serves as director of the ensemble.