Songs From the Fourth World brings the ancient sounds of the Hopi Mesas to SaddleBrooke on Saturday, April 20.  In this rare public performance Clark Tenakhongva sings songs in the Hopi language about rain, butterflies, clouds and the Grand Canyon - the place where Hopi people believe they emerged from the Third World into the Fourth World long ago.  Clark is joined by world flute virtuoso Gary Stroutsos on the Hopi long flute - the oldest wooden flute known in North America, pre-dating the popular Native American cedar flute by over 1,000 years.  Matthew Nelson adds rhythmic accompaniment on clay pot drums.  The trio will perform original songs unlike anything you've ever heard before, transcending time, space and cultural boundaries.  If you enjoyed the Ongtupqa presentation last November, don't miss this musical event with renowned vocalist Clark Tenakhongva, who is also a famous kachina carver and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Hopi Tribe.