Timothy A. Forkes
Keyboard player

Timothy A. Forkes

Timmy Forkes arrived at a quaint little hospital in Akron, Ohio, smack dab in the middle of the Eisenhower era, circa 1955.

He was immediately attracted to the keyboard, and starting “bangin’ out tunes” on a toy piano at age three!

During that very famous year of 1964, Tim started receiving “proper lessons” on a brand new spinet piano, at the tender age of nine. (#9, #9, #9, #9….)

He saw The Beatles briefly on Ed Sullivan in 1964, but he didn’t catch “the bug” - he wasn't really interested in this pop phenom at the time. But that was going to change…

His parents moved out to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona and in 1967 (the year of Our Sgt.) they bought a beautiful, previously-owned Cable+Nelson baby grand piano. And the rest, as they say, is keyboard history…

Forkes started his first band that year (1967) playing mostly… BEATLE music! From there it all just kept Getting Better; band after band, year after year.

During his travails, it just so happened that Forkes crossed paths & played in band called OZ with a guitarist by the name of Bobby Frasier back in 1976! (you just KNEW there HAD to be a connection here, somewhere…)

After the Beatles broke up in 1970, Tim’s influence was redirected to other bands, those being Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, James Gang, & then falling into the psychedelic “keyboardmanship” of Pink Floyd.

Once Tim discovered Pink Floyd, the sky was the limit as he was now introduced to the world of Progessive Rock, (aka: “ProgRock.”) The virtuoso keyboardists & synthesizer players of “Yes,” “Genesis,” Emerson Lake & Palmer,” “Gentle Giant,” “David Bowie” & “Todd Rundgren” were all influences that shaped young Mr. Tim’s style and keyboard abilities.

His progressive jazz influence was fueled by Chick Corea’s band “Return To Forever” and Joe Zawinul from “Weather Report.”

Forkes started writing his own songs when he was seventeen and he has never stopped!

Through the years Tim has been lucky enough to make his living as a professional musician; playing music and building a lovely little recording studio filled with vintage keyboards and strange magical gadgets.

Tim was recently quoted as saying, “Being invited to join Marmalade Skies is as good as it gets for me. My ship has come in. And who woulda thunk it? Back to my roots, playing Beatle music; the greatest music written in the 20th century!”

Well said Sir Tim, well said…

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