Steve Golba
Keyboard player

Steve Golba

Born in Indiana, but living most of his life in Phoenix, Steve strapped on an accordion at the age of eight and has been making music ever since. In high school, he switched to piano, and began playing keyboards for church services, choirs and touring music groups. He also studied music theory at both Arizona and Kansas colleges. For the past three years, he's been banging the keys for another Beatles band, and has now joined Marmalade Skies.

(editors note: This guy is WAY too humble - he KICKS ASS (can I say that? KICKS?) Joining the band has been a TREMENDOUS asset to Marmalade Skies. His chops are beyond reproach. His timing is impeccable. He reads music like nobody's business. Figuring out and covering the intricacies of the later Beatle material has become a "welcome rehearsal" with Stevie around. Oh, and he's a damn fine looking fellow as well, wouldn't you agree? - ed.)

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 due to the limits of sound amplification at the time, as well as the inability to reproduce (live) the more orchestra and effects-heavy songs they created in Abbey Road Studios, especially starting with "Revolver." With a little help from his friends, Steve recreates that kaleidoscope of color and sound—including pianos, organs, strings, horns and harpsichords—that George Martin and the lads spun in the studio. And if you listen closely, you might even hear an accordion in there.

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