Robert Shaw
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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw, born in Southeast Indiana and raised in a musical family, began performing at a young age. He grew up singing and acting, and developed an early knack for being able to envision the “big picture” when he became involved in a production. Robert studied at the University of The Arts in Philadelphia and has been performing professionally his entire adult life, at venues including Derby Dinner Playhouse, Disneyland, The Gaslight Theatre, and has performed with both the Chicago and New York casts of Broadway’s smash-hit musical “Million Dollar Quartet.”

He founded Lonely Street Productions in 2005 to handle the business end of a rapidly growing concert production company that specialized in celebrating the music of Elvis Presley. The company has grown into a national full-service entertainment corporation; in addition to still performing regularly, Robert collaborates on the conception, development, direction, music-direction, and design of all the entertainment properties in the company’s stable. That roster has grown beyond Elvis to include the music of Johnny Cash, Bobby Darin, The Blues Brothers, and more- the list grows longer every day.

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