Justin Brotman
Bass player

Justin Brotman

Nobody notices the bass player in the band, until he plays a wrong note. Fortunately, nobody notices the bass player in One Of These Nights and that would be me. My name is Justin. I started playing music at a very young age on piano, but when I was older I realized that there is far more work for bass players than piano players. Good move on my part because I’ve been steadily working as a bass player for almost 20 years. I was born in New Jersey but have lived most of my life in Arizona. I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. where I majored in Film Composition and Orchestration. Upon completing my studies in Boston, I moved back to Arizona to perform as a working musician I’m not one to name drop on whom I’ve played with in my career but lets just say it’s long and you’d be impressed. Having the opportunity to chair the bass in OOTN has been nothing short of amazing. With this group, I’ve delved into singing as well so this band has also afforded me the chance to expand and grow as a musician which is pretty much why we musicians do what we do.

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