Turn the Page
A Tribute To Bob Seger

July 27, 2016 at
alt title Turn the Page

Turn the Page

Turn The Page is an incredible recreation of the Live Bob Seger Experience performed by The Sam Morrison Band. Every effort has been made to make sure that each song is performed exactly as you remember it and that it is delivered with all the passion and excitement you would expect in a Bob Seger show.


Bart Robley picture

Bart Robley

It seems that some our most influential artists are born in small, quiet towns, and Robley's story is no different. Raised in a small farming community near Denver, Colorado, Bart felt his calling very early. Perhaps it was the peaceful air of his hometown, or the

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Darlynn Voesten picture

Darlynn Voesten

Doreen Novotny picture

Doreen Novotny

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Orange County, California, Doreen has been with the Sam Morrison Band for 11 years and including the inception of the Turn the Page show. Music and singing is her outlet and one of her passions, but her family is her everything! She

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Greg Kasparian picture

Greg Kasparian
Bass Guitarist

Born in Toledo OH, Greg moved to California at a very young age, and took up Bass Guitar. After years of honing his bass chops gigging, recording, touring with numerous bands, Greg got "the call" to join SMB/TtP. Greg has been laying down pounding bass for

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Karl Sanger picture

Karl Sanger

Karl Sanger has been in and around the music business all his life. Born & raised in Rochester, New York, the son of a computer systems analyst & homemaker, one of four brothers. Gifted at an early age with a golden ear, he began playing in his native New York

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Sam Morrison picture

Sam Morrison
Vocal, Guitarist

Sam has led The Sam Morrison band thru various incarnations, from Country, to Southern Rock and more recently, Turn The Page - A Tribute to Bob Seger. When not on the road with the band , Sam also runs Convalian Studios in Fullerton CA and works as a session musician out

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Steven Cenker picture

Steven Cenker

Originally from Weirton West Virginia, Steven came to Southern CA in 1987. He quickly found a home in the Hollywood "Metal Scene" with the bands Malteze and War Crime where he began playing with future SMB drummer Bart Robley. After recording a solo album titled

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