The Piano Men

March 4, 2017 at
alt title The Piano Men

The Piano Men

Two Men - Two Pianos. Piano Men celebrates the musical influences of Billy Joel and Elton John brought to you by the amazing Father and Son team of Terry & Nick Davies. Not only have Billy and Elton written and performed music that transcended four decades of music lovers, both have done so, not standing center stage, but seated behind the ebony and ivory of an instrument that will forever define the spirit of their music: THE PIANO! Join Terry & Nick on this journey through the earliest of two music icons!


Terry Davies picture

Terry Davies
Lead singer, piano man

THE PIANO MAN is a 2 1/2 hour tribute show to the music of BILLY JOEL and ELTON JOHN starring Terry Davies and featuring a stunning 11 piece band. This live show is backed by an amazing multimedia video storyboard throughout the entire

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