Linda Ronstadt Tribute
Starring Laura Berger

August 12, 2017 at
alt title Linda Ronstadt Tribute

Linda Ronstadt Tribute

A native of Tucson, Arizona, Linda Ronstadt is recognized as one of the most important and popular interpretive singers of the 70's, having earned a succession of platinum-selling albums and chart-toppings hits.

Featuring a beautiful selection of Linda's biggest rock hits from the 70's, her alternative country hits, big band/jazz songs, and her softer 80's rock ballads, this show will have you singing and swaying along as you are dazzled by the velvety voice of Laura Berger and her special guest Miguel Jackon.  This is the tribute you have been waiting for, so get ready for the musical journey of a lifetime! 


Laura Berger picture

Laura Berger
Lead Vocal

Laura Berger is delighted to join the cast of In the Christmas Mood, alongside her favorite co-star, her wonderful husband, Jesse! A life-long student of the arts, the Phoenix native has been performing Valley-wide since childhood. Her most recent credits include

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